Ivan Muratidi - violin

Simeon Denisov - violin

Vartan Darakchan - viola

Yaroslav Srodnikh - cello

Valery Moiseev - percussion

Alexander Muraviev - contrabass

Universal Music Band is a brand new group which is remarkable for its extraordinary structure. A classical string quartet complemented with a tight rhythm section together with an accordion and a piano gives the music the unusual and fascinating sounding.

The diverse, sophisticated program allows musicians to improvise right on stage during their performance. The audience encounters a mixture of styles and genres, new interpretations of world-renowned compositions, sophisticated jazz standards and folk music.

To strengthen the impression of originality and uniqueness and to immerse the audience in the magnificent atmosphere Universal Music Band use solo instruments highlighting peculiarities of each composition. It is significant that the musicians are armed with the top class acoustic instruments and all the music is played live with no computers or lip-syncing.

The rich ethnic component which has absorbed features of modern minimalism and primeval human feelings can't leave anyone indifferent.

UMB is a bold experiment. UMB is a new vision of musical traditions.

UMB is a kaleidoscope of impressions.