Ivan Muratidi - violin

Simeon Denisov - violin

Vartan Darakchyan - viola

Anton Bulkin - cello

Valery Moiseyev - percussion

Alexander Muravyev - bass

MUSACULA is the original instrumental music of the New Age. The progressive sounding of MUSACULA comes out of the fusion of EDM, trip-hop, reggaeton, funk, drum'n'bass, jazz, ethnic and of course classical music. Why "of course"? The answer is simple: the band consists of a classical string quartet, doublebass, drums and ethnic percussion.

MUSACULA started its creative path on February 15 2013 (at that time the band's name was Universal Music band) when they prepared their first programme and give a solo gig at Izvestiya Hall - one of the biggest and the most famous concert clubs in Moscow. By the date of the release of the debut album Cart in 2017 the musicians had already earned recognition among the audience in Moscow and Saint-Petersbourg, participated in several european festivals, performed at the economic forum in Iran and won the international competition Usadba Jazz in Sochi. In 2017 the whole band was shoot in a full-length film "Rozovoe ili kolokolchik" by Yuno Shamilov and "Cart" became the soundtrack to it. 

Since the very beginning MUSACULA used to be the pioneers in a brand new style of music which they call "Progressive Classic". The main feature of this genre in the case of MUSACULA is its uncontestable similarity with electronic music in terms of groove and sounding, but at the same time it is performed with "live" instruments". The new single "CRISPR" released in 2019 can serve as a vivid example. At the present time the musicians are recording their second album under the pilot name "Gears".  They are sure, this music will finally establish the new direction in electronic music and give it a new lease on life.


All the members of the band (graduates of the most prestigious Russian music universities - Gnessin Russian Academy of Music and Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory) are sound professionals. Each of them can be proud of their personal achievements in the music industry and numerous collaborations within various Russian and international projects. The author of idea and the composer for MUSACULA is the violinist Ivan Muratidi.