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‘You will find in no dictionary of the world a definition to the word Musacula as it means only what we as a band represent on the stage during our show’...

The band that had existed for 7 years by 2020 picked up a new name, upgraded its image and focused its efforts on creation of a paradoxical phenomenon – original elitist music comprehensible to all. Exquisite melodies and canonical musical forms go hand in hand with aggressive bassline and reverberating drums inherent to contemporary dance styles. All this is complemented tangibly not to say obviously by the intercalation of electronic effects escalating the perception of live music.

In reality, Musacula is a new dimension cutting the rusty mesh of established genres and bringing opposite points of the musical universe closer to each other. You may think Musacula’s music is close to electronic as many will detect dancing rhythmics of reggaeton, techno, drum’n’bass and trip-hop. Some people can put on Musacula a stamp of classical music representatives. After all it is the duo of violin and viola which compose melodical foundation of the band. Others will note and be right in their own way that the music is based on ethnic motives because each and every composition is necessarily and largely decorated with oriental and afro-cuban percussion. And all this will be true…

The image of the trio corresponds to its repertoire. Brutal appearance of band members, adherence to dark tones in their style, love to classical suits and flashy accessories are the essential part of life and live shows of Musacula.

Besides performing its original music the band intensively develops other directions of its activity; composing, recording and cutting music at its own production capacities (including film soundtracks); participating in movies as actors; arranging music for special events and ceremonies and collaborating with other artists (not necessarily musicians).

The members of Musacula – Ivan Muratidi (composer, violinist), Vartan Darakchyan (violist), Valery Moiseev (drummer, percussionist) – have been friends and colleagues for a long time, have played thousands of concerts together in Russia and abroad. March 4th 2022 the band released its debut album GEAR I and now is busy preparing its second part (GEAR II) and shooting videoclips for several tracks included in the upcoming release. The whole compilation GEAR is expected to be finally uploaded to all streaming platforms in 2023 and to give a new lease of life and set new sounding standards for electronic and neoclassical music.







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